Profound Strength is a strength & conditioning and athletic training facility. Our specialty is keeping you active while we treat your athletic injuries. We incorporate athletic training and strength & conditioning to every client's program to unify the best of injury treatment, strength & conditioning, sports performance, athleticism, and injury prevention in one facility.

Our specialty is being able to keep you active while treating or recovering from athletic injury

Regardless of your athletic experience, previous injuries, or your goals we are confident that we can find the right combination of strength training, rehabilitation and motivation that will get you to your goals faster.

We treat clients as individuals to ensure you get exactly what you need.

Why Athletic Trainers?

Because they are the best athletic medicine has to offer!

Athletic Trainers are the best at providing sports medicine to the physically active. Athletic Trainers are found in university athletics programs, high schools, hospitals, and out-patient clinics to name a few. Being paired with a Strength & Conditioning Specialist (the gold standard in sports performance) is the tried and true combination of Pro and Collegiate sports. Profound Strength goes one step beyond… we bring all of that to you!

We utilize the best methods , techniques and evidence based medicine to help our athletes improve performance, move past injury, and keep going strong through all the stages of sport and their life.