"I was fortunate to be able to train with Dustin throughout my pregnancy.  My weekly sessions with him made a huge impact on my ability to stay fit, strong and healthy even through the third trimester.  As the pregnancy progressed, he modified the program so that I could continue to work out safely and comfortably.   After my daughter was born, my training goals changed, and Dustin shifted my workouts to focus on regaining abdominal muscle tone and firming everything up.  The best part of working out with Dustin is that he listens to my goals, and then figures out how to achieve them. I can’t say enough good things about him!"

-Sarah Kehl-
" Dustin Girard has been the single most important force in my physical life. Training with him is challenging, informative, and fun! Everyone can benefit from working with Dustin, who brings to the table experience, knowledge, and a sharp wit. I can't wait to workout with him again.

-Robert Bohannon-
"Working with Dustin is great - his style is the perfect blend of funny, smart, and encouraging to make you enjoy working with him, but at the same time, he gets results.  I'm now able to do exercises that I would not have imagined that I could.  Dustin has helped me understand my body's weak points, and not only how to use training to correct them, but also how my lifestyle fits into the picture.  I originally started working with Dustin to overcome what long days at the office are doing to me, but I've stayed to keep working through sports training and injury prevention.  For both, I can't recommend him enough."

-Sarah Subias-